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Feel the Japanese spirit through reconstruction tourism

All About Japan English Site Editor

Wendell Terrel Harrison

Everyone throughout the world is aware of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami disaster, but many probably do not know what happened afterwards to those areas struck by the disaster. One thing I would recommend to the world is to pay attention not only to the remarkable restoration of the area, but also to the natural beauty that Tohoku has to offer. A disaster prevention tour covering the importance of earthquake disaster measures is available to those using the Sanriku Railway.

Along with being able to partake in important lessons, visitors can also view the breathtaking beautiful coastline from the train car windows. Through these valuable ways, not only will this show the world the strength of the people of Tohoku standing back up from the earthquake disaster with unhindered spirits, but will also teach the world that those areas are safer than ever before and that the people are ready to welcome those who visit the area with open arms.

Fill up on fresh delicious seafood to your heart's content!

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Travel through the natural beauty of Tohoku!

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