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Fill up on fresh delicious seafood to your heart's content!

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Ikei Go

I had no idea that freshly caught seafood would be this good! Even in Taiwan, which is surrounded by the ocean, we occasionally have seafood on the dining table but much of it is stir-fried over a hot flame or boiled so it is quite rare to get a chance to eat it as a raw dish.
I highly recommend trying the seafood as sashimi or in a seafood rice bowl when it's fresh on the TOHOKU Pacific Coast!

The sushi is, of course, also top notch.
You also must not look over the selection of noodles that each region has to offer. Iso ramen, hoya ramen(noodles with sea squirt), sanma ramen, Sabadashi ramen and much more! These flavorful noodles made with broth made from various types of seafood are local specialties that can be tasted only here. Have fun walking around trying out the various foods!

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