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Travel through the natural beauty of Tohoku!

All About Japan Thai Site Editor

Ratchawut Chadchuwanit

Where would you like to venture off to in Japan? Classy Tokyo? The bustling shopping areas of Osaka?
As you might have guessed, the large cities of Japan are indeed popular. However, there are plenty of treasures to find that no one knows about in Tohoku. There are many things to do, eat and see that are only possible in Tohoku.
Ancient temples covered in luscious green moss, the beautiful natural scenery that cannot be held in one's hand, experiencing festivals that have been going on for hundreds of years, the countless foods and traditional crafts.

Not only can you find beautiful nature in Tohoku, but there you can also enjoy the interactions with the people there and their kindness, the wonderful atmosphere and food. Not to mention, there is the famous Shinkansen which makes for easy access. I cannot recommend it enough to everyone, from novices to experienced travellers.
Your trip in Tohoku will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

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